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Im, Jung A - Set & Costume Designer

Set & Costume Designer based in Stratford, Canada

Jung A Im is a set and costume designer based in Stratford, Canada. She grew up and worked in Seoul, Korea, and now works as an assistant set and costume designer at the Stratford Festival in Canada. 

Jung A entered the Canadian National Theatre School in August 2018 and became a set and costume designer, working as a set designer for Indecent by Paula Vogel with director Mike Fayette in December 2020 and as a costume designer for  I Got My Life Back! by Sarah Currie in April 2021. She designed a set and costume for Harabogee and Me at Shakespeare in Action in 2022.

She graduated from Hongik University in Seoul in February 2007 and majored in fashion industry communication at Yonsei University's Graduate School of Human Environmental Sciences from 2011 to 2014. 
Her desire for theater led her to leave the stable company in 2018 and come to Canada with her family. From 2007 to 2018, she worked as Chief Visual Merchandiser at DOOTA, a global fashion mall in Seoul, South Korea.

Jung A can reinterpret the inspiration of stories from her own perspective, communicate with the audience based on an original artistic sense, see the essence of the play, and understand the story with her heart and assimilate it deeply every time she meets each play.

The fully digested stories in her meet the audience in a new form of art through space and clothing, and she feels the greatest happiness throughout the process.

In addition to the ability to design sets and costumes, she has strong artistic skills and digital drawing skills. Also, she can work on props, graphic design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), and 3D software such as SketchUp are her assets.

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2023. 01 - 08

2023. 03

Assistant Set and Costume Designer, Stratford Festival Canada  

- ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ : Assistant Set and Costume Designer (2023. 1 - 6)

- ‘Frankenstein Revived’ : Assistant Set Designer (2023. 6 - 8)

    at Avon Theatre

Set Model Maker for Jimmy Buffetts Escape to Margaritaville 

(Theatre Calgary, Directed & Choreographed by Julie Tomaino)

2022. 01

- 2023. 01

Costume Prop Artistan at Jean-Francois Rochefort. Inc 

2022. 6 - 8

Production Designer for Harabogee and Me by M.J.Kang

Director Brenda Kamino, Weston Memorial Park

2021. 11

Technicien aux décors for Afro Canada from Radio Canada

Expected to telecast next September(2022. Sep)

2021. 10-12

Assistant Costume Design for Venus

by Suzan-Lori Parks (Monument National Theatre, Directed by Mike Payette)

2021. 10-11

Assistant Prop Design for La migration des papillon 

by Alice Tixidre (Monument National Theatre)

2021. 09

Set Construction for Pas D'chicane dans ma cabane. 

directed by Sandrine Brodeur-Desroisers

2021. 08

Assistant Dresser, Part-time Costume Breakdown artist

for Disappointment Blvd. Directed by Ari Aster, Distributed by A24

2021.06 - 

Part-time Scenic Painter at Les Productions Double Effet Inc. (-current)

2021. 04

Costume Design for I got my life back! by Sarah Currie

(Monument National Theatre, Director Arianna Bardesono)

2021. 03

Costume Assistant for Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

(Set & Costume Designer: Joanna Yu)

2020. 12

Set Design for Indecent by Paula Vogel

(Monument National Theatre, Directed by Mike Payette)


Manager, Marketing Team, DOOSAN corporation Retail Unit, Seoul, South Korea


2018 - 2021

National Theatre School of Canada, Montreal, QC, Canada

Majored in Set & Costume Design

2011 - 2014

Yon-Sei Graduate School of Human Environmental Sciences, Seoul, South Korea

(MA in Communications in Fashion Industry)

2003 - 2007

Hong-Ik University, Seoul, South Korea

(BA in Industrial Design Department)





AQTIS 514 AIEST permittee

Engineer Colorist's license

Driver license


Set & Costume Design

Excellent sense of painting, coloring, and drawing

Scenic painting, Costume Break-down

Prop design and making

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp

Proficient in MS Office and Google Suite Applications

Knowledge of 3DS Max

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